Helsinki tells us about the “melancholy” end of the filming of La Casa de Papel

Darko Peric

While the last episodes are out today, actor Darko Peric returns to the goodbyes of the Professor’s team and reveals his next series … on Netflix?

This Friday is the end of an era on Netflix! La Casa de Papel ends. The last five episodes of Season 5 are live and while the moment is intense for fans, it has also been very emotional for the cast.

This is what the actor told us Darko Peric, met by Première at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival this summer. “It was very moving my friend … It was really very moving. Because it was the end of an era. Four years is a long time (…) It was a beautiful time of my life, so necessarily, there was a little melancholy …

From now on, the actor will be able to turn the page on Helsinki, even if he knows that he will remain associated with the imposing robber of La Casa de Papel : “Helsinki is immortal. The same for Berlin, for Tokyo, for Nairobi … We are all immortal because all these characters have become icons (…) There are people who tattoo my face on their arms! really entered pop culture. “

Nevertheless, Darko Peric is convinced that the role of Helsinki will not be the peak of his career: “Me, I have not yet played my best role! You will see … I was in Paris last May, to shoot a pilot, in French! With my slightly damaged French … I play a Serbian character, a boxing trainer who is also a father figure for young people from the suburbs. Basically, it’s a bit Elite, but in the suburbs! “

A new series possible – and not yet officially ordered – “for netflix“, obviously. “Because I am a face Netflix“concludes Darko Peric, lucid.

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