Hideo Kojima praises the “God” George Miller and tackles Christopher Nolan

Hideo Kojima praises the "God" George Miller and tackles Christopher Nolan
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Babe helped revolutionize the video industry for the creator of Death Stranding.

Last night, Hideo Kojima proclaimed his admiration for george miller on Twitter. More specifically on his ability to use innovative technologies in his films. Starting with recall the quality of the visual effects of Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Nightmare at 20,000 feet) in the film adaptation of this cult episode of The Fourth Dimension, released in 1983, the creator of video games then claims that the filmmaker has simply “revolutionized the video industry”. Here is the translation of his short thread:

“Director George Miller. In Japan, he’s only known as the guy behind madmax. In the 1990s, however, he revolutionized the video industry by using digital technologies to add mouth movements and facial expressions to live action pigs in Babe. Several copies were then born in pubs and music videos. All the digital animation of Happy Feet is also wonderful. “God” uses both classic effects and the latest technology for this film. Unlike Nolan, “God” knows about digital technologies, he does not deny them, and manages to constantly create new visions.”

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One “tackle” towards Christopher Nolan which has not gone unnoticed by Internet users. Passionate about cinema, the creator of death stranding refers here to the fact that the director of The Dark Knight has repeatedly shared his love for special effects “practical”, made in real life and not by computer, even if he obviously also used CG on his blockbusters. For example, he detailed that it had been simpler (and cheaper!) to turn “in truth” the plane scene from his latest film, tenet. Between these statements and his defense of film and the 70 mm format, he can be understood as a defender of cinema “old” as opposed to digital cinema, but that remains a little simplistic in view of its filmo which is full of innovative and striking effects (even if only the city which turns on itself in Inception or the scenes in the space ofInterstellar, for example ?). Conversely, if George Miller was indeed a forerunner in the use of modern technologies during his career, he also mixes his digital effects with real stunts. Especially in his last film, Mad Max Fury Roadoften cited as an example for its visual beauty…

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