Hippocrates gives a cry of alarm [critique]

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Hippocrates gives a cry of alarm [critique]
The pact

The success of Thomas Lilti returns this evening on Arte.

In 2014, Thomas lilti was acclaimed for Hippocrates, whose realism has been hailed by critics and the public, as well as its actors, all fair, Reda kateb on your mind. The director then continued on the same path by filming Country doctor, with François Cluzet, and declining Hippocrates serial. Here’s our review of the original film, which returns tonight on Arte.

From A Prophet to Hippocrates: The Discreet Rise of Reda Kateb

Benjamin begins his medical internship in the service headed by his brilliant but little available father. The illusions of the beginning are followed by doubts, mistakes and the impression of not being in his place.

Forget Dr. House : hospital medicine, the real one, that of every day, is practiced by normal people who perform routine actions and who have to deal with paperwork. No superhero of the scalpel therefore nor Sherlock Holmes of the diagnosis in the second film by Thomas Lilti, a doctor by training who was inspired by his years of internship to deliver the inventory of a sector he knows well . And the observation is a little cold in the back, between the problems of equipment, defective or missing, the overwork of the nursing staff, the compartmentalisation of the services to the detriment of the patients … The documentary mixes with fiction as in the best hours. from the Serie Emergency room, with a constantly moving camera, invested actors, precise dialogues, dramatic issues at every corner of the stretcher. Under the cover of an initiatory film and emancipation (not necessarily the most successful), Hippocrates utters a cry of alarm about this pillar of the Republic which is free access to healthcare. , threatened by petty corporatism and à la carte meritocracy. Isn’t the most interesting character in history Abdel (formidable Reda Kateb), this foreign doctor forced to go back to the boarding school to obtain his equivalence? At first arrogant, but always sincere and upright, the product of globalization, it ends up embodying the future of a sick institution forced to incise its fundamentals, to literally open up to others in order to remain operational. And operative.

Thomas Lilti: “The country doctor is an ordinary superhero”

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