Hirozaku Kore-Eda: “In The Good Stars, I wanted to give some humanity to crooks”

With Les Bonnes étoiles, Kore-Eda signs a new film about a blended family, but this time set in Korea. Meet.

With The Lucky Stars Kore-Eda picks up his chronicle of dysfunctional families where he left off with A family matter (Golden Palm in 2018). It all starts with an abandonment: one night, in the pouring rain, a young woman in distress abandons her baby on the sidewalk of a parish. Two thugs infiltrated in the church recover it and decide to sell it to parents in need of children. Without knowing it, these characters are observed by two female cops and then engages in a funny road movie that will force the two thugs, the woman (who came in extremis to retrieve her baby) and an abandoned child, to form a strange family. recomposed…

If Kore-Eda has been filming families from every angle for almost 30 years, the great novelty of this film, in addition to its very luminous tone, is that it takes place in Korea and that it starts from a typical social fact from the land of the morning calm – the baby boxes. We met the Japanese filmmaker who comes back for us on this beautiful film, tender and bitter, and on its actor-stars.

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