His mother or me: In prison for a turnip

His mother or me!
New Line Cinema

A woman rented the VHS of this romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez and kept it … 9 years.

In the United States, it’s best not to joke with VHS rentals. VHS? Let’s put it in context. It is 2005 and a woman begins to rent the video tape of the turnip carried by Jennifer lopez : Her mother or me. The film, directed by Robert luketic, is a charmless bluette that shows the clash between Jennifer Lopez and Jane fonda for the beautiful eyes of Michael vartan. A romantic comedy that was very poorly received by critics but which had some success at the box office.

This is surely the reason why the accused person left to rent this tape. But now the budding cinephile does not return the VHS to the store, and remains in possession of the subject matter for nine years! In the meantime, the store claims to have sent him letters, then notices … remained unanswered.

Justice takes things seriously and in 2014, Kayla Finley, the “criminal” aged 27, files a complaint for an undetermined reason in a police station. There, she discovered herself on file for VHS theft. This one can claim that she never received the letters and that she had forgotten to have in possession Her mother or me, the police are intractable. Coming to file a complaint, she sees herself spending a night in prison and summons to pay 2000 dollars to be able to get out. The tape rental store has been closed for a long time, but Kayla Finley is considered a delinquent, to the chagrin of the concerned. 2000 dollars and a night in prison, it is expensive to pay for a turnip!

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