Historic zero points for The Handmaid’s Tale at the 2021 Emmy Awards

The Handmaid's Tale season 4

The series was stronger in the “lose” than Mad Men in 2012 …

We still don’t know which way to dance with June. Formidable feminist series in the deep philosophical sense at its beginnings, The Handmaid’s Tale did not turn out very well from pulling the line. The Academy still wanted to honor him, with a maximum of nominations. But upon arrival, she made him go down in history as the greatest loser in Emmy history …

Nominated 21 times for this 73rd edition, The Handmaid’s Tale ends with 0 prizes! A scathing zero point for the series worn by Elizabeth Moss. She became last night the biggest “loser” of Emmy Awards, setting a new record. The Scarlet maids are indeed stronger in the “lose” than Mad Men and his zero points of 2012, in 17 nominations.

“Emmys So White”: actors of color have all lost

It seems long gone when The Handmaid’s Tale was crowned at the Emmy Awards (Best Drama Series and Best Actress in 2017). The series has clearly lost its aura. But it remains despite everything an important work of the last decade and a season 5 is in production.

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