Hold me tight: Vicky Krieps once again exceptional [critique]

A magnificent melody on the breakup of a couple where the emotion – intense, immense – always arises by surprise.

How can you convey the incredible emotion that embraces you when you discover this film without breaking the pact that Mathieu Amalric offers to his spectators, seen as accomplices and not puppets to be manipulated? The exercise is complex. Let us say that this adaptation of I am coming back from far, a play by Claudine Galéa, tells the story of a woman who, one early morning, decides to leave the family cocoon, husband and children. A woman that we will follow throughout her journey where memories will regularly emerge from her memory. Some real, others that we quickly understand imaginary, which will together form the story of this dislocation of a couple permanently crossed by three questions: who leaves who? Who forgets who? Who is looking for who? To answer it would therefore be to spoil the happiness taken in front of this marvel of film, even if this one does not eye for all that on the side of Sixth Sense. Amalric does not build Hug me tight on a revelation but like a telescoping of flashbacks and flashforwards, feelings and fantasies.

This cinema of fragments already at work in The Blue Room and Barbara finds here a masterful outcome, reinforcing the melodramatic power of the story by constructing it… in deconstruction. As intensely cerebral as they are powerfully emotional, Hug me tight also relies on an impressive actress in her way of crossing and sharing this roller-coaster of contradictory sensations. The immense Vicky Krieps who, after Bergman Island and Old, confirms here that she is the actress of 2021!

By Mathieu Amalric. With Vicky Krieps, Arieh Worthalter… Duration: 1h37. Released on October 1st.

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