Holy Lands: James Caan is imperial in gruff grandpa determined to challenge God [critique]

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Holy Lands James Caan

Amanda Sthers’ film is coming to C8.

Holy lands will be aired for the first time in the clear, tonight on C8. The story ? Harry, an apostate Jew and retired cardiologist from New York City, suddenly decides to settle down as a pig farmer in Nazareth, Israel. A decision badly lived by the locals as by his own family. Remaining in New York, after being discovered a cancer, his ex-wife Monica tries to manage the life of their big children Annabelle and David, and revisits her love affair with Harry. Against all odds, it is with Rabbi Moshe Cattan, that Harry will agree to face life and its outcome.

First had not completely hooked on this family drama ofAmanda Sthers (Madame), but was still marked by the performance of James caan. Here is our review: An old Jewish New York cardiologist (James Caan) decides to go and raise pigs in Israel. To the chagrin of his family: his ex-wife (Rosanna Arquette), suffering from cancer and courted by a sexy doctor (Patrick Bruel); his son (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a gay and tortured playwright; his daughter (Efrat Dor), who wanders elegantly in Nazareth… Amanda Sthers signs a confused Lelouchien drama, which opens up many narrative avenues but does not explore any to the end. There remains James Caan, imperial in gruff grandpa determined to challenge God.

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