Homelander Vs. Soldier Boy: revenge at the end of season 3 of The Boys?

Homelander Vs. Soldier Boy

“Soldier Boy’s alpha male instincts intersect with Homelander’s alpha male instincts and it’s bound to spark some sparks…”, explains actor Antony Starr.

Always further, stronger, faster. The Boys really goes to the end of the extreme limit in this season 3. Attention spoilers!

Witness “Hergosam”, episode 6 released today by Prime Video, which contained the long-awaited first confrontation between Soldier Boy and Homelander… A face-to-face explained in EW by Anthony Starr:

“It is clearly impossible for two great white sharks to swim together in a very small sea. There is one too many and it was very fun to play. Soldier Boy’s alpha male instincts intersect with Homelander’s alpha male instincts and it’s bound to spark… fireworks!”

The Boys: Herogasm will be “one of the hottest episodes in TV history!”

Their first fight resulted in a loss to Homelander. But not by knockout. So there will be revenge!

And Homelander is going to have to beware. Because he doesn’t even know yet that, in addition to his Captain America-esque superhuman abilities, Soldier Boy is now able to send bursts of radiation capable of burning Compound-V directly into a supe’s blood, stripping him of his powers! His worst nightmare therefore, which could send him back to the stone age, as Antony Starr specifies:

“This show is so primal in a way. There are all these levels in the hierarchy of Supes and everyone is fighting to get to the next rung of that hierarchy. Everyone is trying to be dominant. Everyone is trying to ahead of the other. It’s very animalistic in that sense. So with Soldier Boy comes another Apex predator, at the top of the food chain.”

The showrunner, Eric Kripke confirms and adds: “You have these two alpha males who both consider themselves the most powerful and famous person on the planet… It’s just that fame and fame are cruel! Soldier Boy was Homelander before Homelander. He was the world’s greatest superhero but ended up fading into obscurity…”

So when is the revenge, the final fight between these two behemoths?

Inevitably, we imagine that it will be in the last episode of season 3 of The Boys. And besides, Kripke teases in TVLine “A very ambitious Season 3 finale, just because we managed to do the biggest fight scene we’ve ever done, and it was really hard. It’s way up there. So hard to pull off…” We can not wait to see it.

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