Homer Simpson gives Conan O’Brian an interview for his latest Late Show

Homer simpson conan

The host leaves his legendary show and Homer, for whom he wrote 30 years ago, has come to pay tribute to him.

Conan O’Brien stop him Late Show. Emblematic host of American TV for several decades, the actor said his farewell last night with a last special, marked by a distinguished guest: Homer Simpson himself!

It must be said that Conan was a screenwriter for The Simpsons during two major seasons, in the 1990s. It is to him that we owe in particular the mythical episode of the “Monorail” in 1992. Very happy with this wink made by the team of the animated series of the Fox, the host expressed his emotion on social networks.

The video in question begins with a Conan O’Brien in Simpson, who sees an excited Homer landing on set to pay a wacky and loving tribute to the departing host.

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