Hope Reborn in Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer


“My name is Asha and I am from New Eden …”

“The Earth is heating up. Hope is reborn”. This is the official theme for this season 3 of Snowpiercer and its trailer, which has just been posted by the American channel TNT. Admittedly, there is the war against Wilford, inside the train which has only 1,023 cars.

But what interests us most is the other train, the one that seceded in the finale of season 2, and in which we find Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Ruth (Alison Wright). Because he is looking for a solution for humanity, after Melanie’s discoveries have confirmed a certain warming of the Earth …

We are not yet out of the swimsuits and sunscreen, but we understand from this trailer that some areas are possibly habitable again, especially in the southern hemisphere. The whole question will certainly be to find a way to go there …

And Layton will perhaps meet a new ally crucial for that: the video reveals the entry on the scene of Archie Panjabi. The old one of The Good Wife will play Asha, who says she comes from a place named “New Eden“. A sort of” promised land “, a priori, located who knows where. But since she was not on board the train and she is still alive, this therefore means that there are others. survivors, there, outside, who found a permanent shelter to face the glaciation of the world.

What about Melanie? Absent from the trailer, we do not yet know how it will make its comeback in the series. Response from January 24, for the big departure of season 3 of the Snowpiercer. In France, the series can be seen on Netflix.

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