Hôtel du Nord / The Funny Drama by Marcel Carné, not to be missed on Arte

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Hôtel du Nord / The Funny Drama by Marcel Carné, not to be missed on Arte
The funny drama of Marcel Carné Arte.tv/Cocinor, MK2

The Assassins of the Order and Drôle de drama are also visible on Arte.tv.

Arte devotes his evening to Marcel Carne, from 8:55 p.m., by first offering his 1938 classic Hotel du Nord, with Arletty, Louis Jouvet and Jean-Pierre Aumont, in which the filmmaker pays tribute to popular Paris, and which will mark the history of French cinema with this replica that has become essential: “Atmosphere, atmosphere, do I have an atmosphere hangover?”

Le Quai des Brumes / Le Jour rises: The great successes of the trio Marcel Carné / Jacques Prévert / Jean Gabin

At 10:30 p.m., the channel will broadcast the documentary by François Aymé entitled The Funny Drama by Marcel Carné, who looks back on his prolific career, but marked by scandals and the intimate pain of having to hide his homosexuality. After a successful start to his career and his numerous collaborations with Jacques Prévert (Jenny, Funny drama, Le Quai des brumes, The day is breaking ; “From now on, Carné-Prévert is written with a hyphen”, tells us the narrator Grégory Gadebois), the two artists fall out after the Second World War, despite the crazy success of Evening visitors and Children of Paradise. At the start of the conflict, Carné signed with the Continental, created by Joseph Goebbels, and if he quickly changed his mind and finally did not film anything for the German studio, he received a reprimand at the release, then saw himself preceded. of a bad reputation, accused of having become megalomaniac and tyrannical on his sets. He is also decried by the directors of the Nouvelle Vague, François Truffaut in the lead, who see him as a talented performer, hidden behind the “true” poet Jacques Prévert. However, Marcel Carné does not give up and continues to turn, sometimes returning to success, for example thanks to Therese Raquin or The cheaters. On his last films, he notably engages his friend Roland Lesaffre, an actor so dear to his heart that they will end up buried together.

The documentary is available in replay on the Arte.tv website (until September 3), just like movies Hotel du Nord (until August 4), The Assassins of the Order (1970), a work denouncing police violence, and its comedy ahead of its time Funny drama (1937), both visible until December 31.

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