Hotel Transylvania 4 won’t be released in theaters

Sony and Amazon sign $ 100 million deal.

Hotel Transylvania: Monster Changes lives up to its title! The last animated film in Sony’s saga was due to be released in theaters this summer, but the Covid decided otherwise: while the Delta variant greatly worries Americans, the firm has decided not to release it on the big screen, but directly in streaming, to encourage families to stay at home. As Sony does not have its own broadcast service, the production has reached a deal with Amazon, to the tune of $ 100 million, specifies Variety, but retains some distribution rights of the film, in particular for its exploitation on DVD and blu-ray and for its release in China, kept on the big screen.

The source explains that this type of deal has been common for some time between Sony and various streaming platforms: they have already sold Greyhound, with Tom Hanks, on Apple TV, The Mitchell against the machines and Vivo to Netflix or the new Cinderella at Amazon. Variety also recalls that Adam Sandler will not be back to double Dracula, nor Kevin James in Frankenstein, contrary to what had been announced earlier in the year. Brian Hull and Brad Abrell are replacing them.

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