House of Hammer: a documentary on Armie Hammer and his “dysfunctional family”

Armie Hammer

A special on the alleged crimes of the actor and those of his family will be broadcast on ID and Discovery+.

Announced in a wide program of programs “True Crime”, House of Hammer will look back on the various scandals that have occurred over five generations of the Hammer family. The documentary will air on ID and Discovery+ and will use “ a host of archives and interviews with survivors and family members [pour enquêter sur] a dysfunctional dynasty where all the devastating consequences of male privilege are presented”.

More than a year ago, while in the midst of a divorce, the scandal over the actor’s sex life Armie Hammer bursts. His ex-girlfriend, paige lorenzeconfessed to Vanity Fair not feeling safe with him: Armie gave me rules that I had to follow, what to do and what not to do. I had no right to have anyone other than him in my bed. […] The more time passed, the less safe I felt but I was emotionally dependent on him”. Many text messages found also attest that the actor had a penchant for cannibalism: he wrote to certain women wanting to drink their blood or even wanting to cut their toes. Some rape fantasies were also brought up, as reported variety. Another of his former acquaintances said he carved his initials into the skin of his pelvis and often engaged in knife games in their privacy.

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The actor lost all his roles following this scandal, and if he does not seem to be mentally stable, it is without counting on the men of his family, just as problematic: in cahoots with the Soviet government in the 1920s , the ancestors of Armie knew how to make their success in the United States thanks to a drug company. Between tricks and money, the important thing for the men of the family was to show that the Hammers were perfect. In 2015, Armie’s aunt, Casey Hammerstates in his book Surviving My Birthright having been raped by her father, who was extremely violent towards members of his relatives – as explained Vanity Fair in a long article on the “Hammer dynasty”. The atmosphere in which the actor was brought up was certainly not the healthiest.

In addition to House of HammerID and Discovery+ are also planning a program on the brothers Erik and Joseph Menendez, accused in 1996 of having murdered their parents: Menendez’s Brothers: Misjudged? and another on the murders of two iconic American rappers: Who Killed Biggie and Tupac?. Two other “True Crimes” will deal with the case of Mary Kay Letourneau, convicted of raping her 12-year-old student and then marrying him, and that of Louise Woodward, a murdered au pair.

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