How Austin Butler took 3 years to become Elvis Presley

Even Tom Hanks says it: “We had a hard time looking away on set…”

After creating a sensation on the Croisette, Elvis is about to ignite the dark rooms, thanks to its hips, and also thanks to Austin Butlerauthor of a breathtaking performance in the skin of the King.

Warner Bros. Pictures has just unveiled a brand new promo video, which precisely highlights the long-term work provided by the actor to become Elvis : “Austin embarked on an incredible three-year journey to explore the human behind Elvis“, comment here the director Baz Luhrmann.

In the aftermath, Austin Butler confirms having carried out a real work of “detective“to absorb”like a sponge“every frame ofElvis which fell into his hands. He also talks about his work with vocal coaches for singing and because this “voice is so important.”

Same Tom Hanks admit that on the set, it was impressive to see Austin Butler represent Elvis as realistically as possible:It was hard to look away and not admire it…

Elvis will be released on June 22, 2022 in France at the cinema.

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