How CERN’s particle accelerator inspired Parallels on Disney+


“There, I am told that 100 meters underground, there is quite simply the largest particle accelerator in the world!” The creator of the SF series tells us.

It has been unanimous since its release on Disney + last Wednesday: Parallels is a joyful French creation, which juggles in six episodes with the idea of ​​worlds that look at each other, universes that intersect. A beautiful science fiction story that Quoc Dang Tran imagined… when he arrived in a small village in Ain a few months ago!

For Première, he tells how, at the origins of the series, there is first his move to the Pays de Gex region, in this department in eastern France: “It’s very beautiful over there, we can see Lake Geneva in the distance, we are at the foot of the Jura, in the middle of the fields… And suddenly in this somewhat lost setting, I realize that I can hear speak lots of different languages: Japanese, Chinese, German…”

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Surprised by so many cultural encounters, Quoc Dang Tran wonders. “There, I am told that all these people, basically, are particle physics engineers, who work at CERN, which is right next door!” Indeed, on the Swiss border, on the shores of Lake Geneva, is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, one of the most cutting-edge scientific laboratories in the world, whose vocation is nothing more or less than fundamental physics. that is to say the discovery of the elements which constitute the laws of the Universe!

Quoc Dang Tran keep on going : “I am told that 100 meters underground, there is simply the largest particle accelerator in the world. A metal ring 27 km in circumference which sends a proton at an absolutely crazy speed, to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang! I had this accelerator right there, under my feet, with my children next to it…” A dizzying impression suddenly invades Quoc Dang Tran. Especially since in the process, “I’m told about the risks: string theory, parallel universes and all that…” Immediately, it’s the click for the screenwriter. Thus emerges the first idea Parallels. “I thought there was a story to tell from there…”

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