How Chris Pratt Got Jurassic World 2 Spoiler by Tom Holland

How Chris Pratt Got Jurassic World 2 Spoiler by Tom Holland

So let him not even play in the film!

We knew that Tom Holland didn’t know how to hold his tongue when promoting Marvel blockbusters (Kevin Feige surrounded him with other actors to prevent him from spoiling the plots of the sequels ofavengers), but it turns out that the new interpreter of Peter Parker / Spider-Man does not know how to hold his tongue at all.

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Interviewed by the channel YouTube Sirius/XM, Chris Pratthis partner in Infinity War in the skin of Star-Lord, explained, in front of a hilarious Bryce Dallas Howard, that he had completely spoiled the plot of Jurassic World 2. An improbable, but true anecdote, told in June 2018, when this sequel was released – which will return this Sunday on TF1 – at the cinema: “The first time I discovered the plot, it was by Tom Holland, oddly. I think I was shooting the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy and Tom was on the set of Spiderman, within the same studios. He knows JA Bayona (the director of Fallen Kingdom, editor’s note)since they did The Impossible. He was playing the little boy…he’s grown so much since then. And so he said to me: ‘Hey dude ! I just spoke to JA and he told me the whole story.’ I was there : ‘What ?’, and he showed me the volcano scene. I told him he was kidding me, so he insisted: ‘but no, my friend…’ and there he told me everything. The complete pitch, so I discovered it through Tom Holland, then I was able to read the script and there, I saw that he wasn’t making fun of me. It was true.”

Trailer :

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