How Disney + ‘s Marvel series turned the MCU upside down (review)

Disney + Marvel series

WandaVision, Falcon and Loki are now behind us. And the first 3 series directly overseen by Kevin Feige laid the foundations for phase 4 which begins in cinema …

Big week for the MCU! While Black widow a hit at the global box office, the series Loki has just finished at the end of six incredible episodes. And at the same time, WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are rocking the counters of Marvel Studios at the Emmy Awards, with around thirty nominations (28 to be exact). Phase 4 is now well and truly launched. And it will be very largely influenced by the TV spin-offs of the streaming platform. More than ever, the Marvel canvas is spreading to the small screen, making direct connections between films and series. So much so that it might be very complicated to fully understand the upcoming Phase 4 movies in theaters, if you’ve skipped the MCU at home. After the first three spinoff series aired, it’s clear Marvel envisions its Disney Plus offspring as full members of the family. Pieces of the overall puzzle, without which it will be almost impossible to see the picture as a whole.

Black Widow: who is Taskmaster at Marvel?

A small revolution, since, usually, large extended franchises take care to maintain a certain distance between cinema blockbusters and their ramifications on other media. A high border to encourage as many people as possible to go to the cinema, without leaving any doubt as to the intelligibility of what will happen there. We remember that at the time of Netflix’s Marvel series, die-hard fans had fought hard for Daredevil or Jessica jones take the step to the big screen. But Marvel Studios had always refused to mix towels and tea towels. Also because these original Netflix entities were developed by a parallel branch of the group (Marvel Television, with ABC Studios). A branch dissolved since Disney Plus was in the pipes and which allowed Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige to fully regain control of the television variants of the MCU. In fact, we knew for quite some time that the new series derived from the franchise would be much more related to films than before. But we never imagined it would be at this point. Showing a certain audacity and an ambition that must be saluted, the studio did not hesitate to upset its cinematographic goose that lays golden eggs and its future blockbusters … via cathodic twists. Attention spoilers!

wandavision post credit

First, WandaVision. Last March, Wanda Maximoff became the Scarlet Witch, a character of legend. The Scarlet Witch is the central figure of the “Book of the Damned”, revered by Witches since the dawn of time and which predicts that she will lead the Earth to destruction. We can bet that this kind of prediction was not made lightly and that it will inevitably end up in the MCU at one point or another. Especially since in the final post-credits scene, we saw Wanda search the “Darkhold”, this famous demonic work, to learn more about her destiny and her abilities. Fairly secondary character of Avengers since its appearance in Age of Ultron, Wanda has therefore become overpowered, possibly the most powerful of all, which will inevitably have a major impact in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (theatrical release in March 2022), where Elizabeth Olsen will officially be part of the cast.

We could also find Tom Hiddleston there. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the English actor will also be present in the film (not confirmed for the moment) worn by his compatriot Cumberbacht. Which would be quite logical, when we know that the multiverse has been reinstated in Loki ! The series that has just ended has dissected in detail the notion of space-time in the MCU. We thus discovered the Time Variance Authority, which precisely prevented the existence of parallel realities until now. But all of that jumped out in the last episode, and these alternate universes are going to pop into the MCU heavily in the future. In Doctor Strange 2 so (as the title suggests), but even before that in Spider-Man: No Way Home (next December at the cinema) where Marvel will have fun mixing the Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are announced on the road to Tom Holland), while certainly surfing the trip of Loki.

Loki Kang statue

A multiverse that “The One Who Remains” wanted to stop at all costs, a 31st century human who saw that the future of everything and everything was going to be destroyed by an inter-cosmic war caused by its own variants. However, at the end of Loki, its variants are released from the “sacred timeline”. Kang the conqueror will emerge, as we already know. Because Jonathan Majors will return in Ant-Man 3. His character (understand an evil version of “The One Who Remains” from a parallel universe) will be one of the big villains of the MCU sequel and Phase 4 (“The next big cross-movie villain “ according to chief writer Michael Waldron). In particular, he will be the central enemy ofAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in February 2023 at the cinema. And it is therefore on television that it will have been introduced.

It is also on the small screen that Marvel made the highly symbolic change of Captain america. It’s not nothing. The owner of the shield, leader of Avengers, emblem of the resistance of the Terrans, will now be Sam Wilson! Of course, Steve Rogers took a well-deserved retirement after‘Endgame (in 2018). And when the world looks for a new hero in Phase 4, it is to the old Falcon that they will turn. Officialized in front of the television cameras at the end of the last episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Black Captain America is now canon in the MCU. A transition that may find it difficult to follow those who have not seen anything from the series!

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Black Captain

8 other “game changers” of the three series that will be found in the MCU

> Wanda had two “fake” sons, Billy and Tommy in WandaVision. Two kids who exist in the comics and who are heard calling their mothers in the post-credits scene, hinting that they’ll be back, certainly in Doctor Strange 2.

> Monica Rambeau has become an important character in the franchise. Maria’s daughter (friend of Captain marvel) has new (still unclear) superpowers, and crosses paths with a Skrull at the end of WandaVision, who takes her to see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). We will now find it in The Marvels, a.k.a Captain marvel 2, in November 2022.

WandaVision Darcy

> Vision is still there! Killed by Thanos some time ago, he’s still very much present in the MCU because the parts of his body have been reassembled by the SWORD. A reconstituted android who was even able to recover his memories thanks to the “false” Vision created by Wanda. He is currently in nature, without the power of the Spirit Stone with him. It is not known when he will reappear.

> Sharon Carter is now a villain. Peggy’s little niece, abandoned by Avengers, has cracked. Even if she has been pardoned by American justice, she has not forgotten anything and will continue to do evil, now infiltrated in the highest circles, like Hydra at the time. It remains to be seen who she works for …

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sharon Carter

> Agatha Harkness will also return at one point or another in the franchise. The Ugly Witch of Salem, trapped in Westview at the end of WandaVision, still has a role to play in the MCU sequel, possibly as a mentor to the Scarlet Witch …

> Loki is in love ! Of himself, of course, but in love all the same. And it’s a small event. Thor’s wicked “brother” fell in love with Sylvie, his female double, a variant from another universe. The two even kissed passionately … But does a happy ending really await Loki and Sylvie in Phase 4?

Loki and Sylvie

> US Agent, alias John Walker, the other super-soldier from Earth, is now present in the world of Marvel and he will work for a very dark organization …

> …. a secret agency run by Countess Valentina De Fontaine, ex of Nick Fury in the comics, and which will play a crucial role in Phase 4! The proof ? She has already taken the plunge to the big screen since it is she who appears in the post-credits scene of Black widow, recruiting Yelena Belova, the “sister” of Natasha … whom she will train in the footsteps of Clint Barton, whom she will face in the series Hawkeye Disney Plus (expected early 2022) … More than ever, the immense web of the MCU is woven into infinity!

black widow

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