How Don’t Breathe 2 continues to “torture clichés” [critique sans spoiler]

How Don't Breathe 2 continues to "torture clichés" [critique sans spoiler]

Burglarized again, the blind man played by Stephen Lang defends himself violently.

In 2016, the team behind the remake ofevil Dead caused a stir with a well-thought-out horror film, Don’t Breathe: The House of Darkness. A story of home invasion which started in the classic way (young burglars break into the house of a blind former soldier to steal a large sum of money), then multiplied the screenplay surprises and good staging ideas (a long sequence shot for “teaser” all the traps in the house, for example, or an original escape sequence of the heroine being chased by a dog). Results, don’t breathe managed to hit hard and proved to be very effective in his genre: he had not stolen his ban on under 16s! After 160 million dollars in revenue, Sony quickly validated the sequel. This one is no longer shot by Fede Alvarez (who remains producer alongside Sam Raimi), but by his co-writer and assistant director Rodolfo Sayagues. A new success?

“Torture the clichés”
“We don’t try to avoid clichés, ensured the duo of screenwriters in First when it was released on DVD and blu-ray in early 2017. We play with, nuance. Horror movie audiences know all of this by heart, so you have to try other tricks. If you don’t want to do something mediocre, avoid showing what has already been seen a thousand times. (…) don’t breathe begins with a cliché: the burglary of the house. Better to start with the clichés to better torture them afterwards.” They also promised “surprises” for the sequel, and indeed, this is what immediately strikes in front of Don’t Breathe 2, capable of taking up the strong elements of the first of the while offering something new. Thus, this sequel succeeds like its elder in brilliantly raising the pressure while taking care of the staging (to use the same examples, the new sequence shots are perfectly justified, and the dog scene is “remake” in a reversed and clever way). Its main success lies here: several tense scenes are frankly creepy, sadistic and visually striking (if you don’t like horror “graphic”, better to be warned).

Another disturbing idea: the team once again wants to take advantage of the charisma of its main actor, Stephen Lang, by putting him this time in the position of “kind”. The new burglars are much more violent than those of the first film and he is shown in a position of savior, trying to protect a little girl in danger (the young Madelyn Grace is moreover perfectly credible and touching). A radical change that the spectator must succeed in accepting, as his role was uncomfortable in the first opus. We won’t spoil you the why and how, but like the first film, this sequel manages to surprise thanks to its perverse twists, which seek less to be credible than to justify new gore attacks. Once you understand the concept, this new story seems a little more predictable than the one of don’t breathe, but should still convince horror lovers by going to the end of its twisted ideas.

Don’t Breathe 2 releases on DVD and blu-ray on January 19, 2022. Trailer:

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