How I Met Your Father: 5 good reasons to watch the spin-off of the cult series

How I met Your Father

A new group of New York friends for a new romantic comedy in the straight line of How I Met Your Mother.

Eight years after the end of How I Met Your Mother, back in New York for a new spin-off series and new love stories. Ted Mosby gives way to Sophie (Hilary Duff), who tells her son how she met his father, shortly before his 30th birthday, in the year 2022… How I Met Your Father will arrive in France on May 11 on the Disney+ platform – via the Star virtual channel – and here are 5 reasons to dive back in.

The maid vibes new york friends

Before being a rom-com, How I Met Your Father is a buddy sitcom. Around Sophie, we find Jesse (Chris Lowell), Valentina (Francia Raisa), Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Ellen (Tien Tran) and Sid (Suraj Sharma). They too have their Central Perk. No, it’s no longer the MacLaren’s of How I Met Your Motherbut the Pemberton, a bar run by one of them, where they spend their days and evenings, remaking the world and especially their sentimental lives…

How I met Your Father Pemberton

Romance on all levels

Ted had his Robin. Marshall had his Lily. How I Met Your Father also knows how to play his sentimental card! The series is dotted with more or less serious romances. Above all, from the first episode, we see the first sparks appear between Sophie and Jesse, and we understand that their story will be the common thread of this whole story. Will he be the father in the end? As at the time of How I Met Your Motherdon’t swear to anything…

How I put your Father romance

Hilary Duff as lead

The star of Lizzie McGuire and of Younger grew up. Here she is in the shoes of a thirty-year-old who has reached the crossroads of her youth. What will she do with her life? With all the charm we know for her and this playfulness that makes her mark, Hilary Duff embodies this desperately romantic photographer who is looking for her soul mate, in every corner of the Big Apple… Does this remind you of someone?

How I Met Your Father Hilary Duff

Many links with How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby spent 9 unforgettable seasons telling us how he met the mother of his children. Inevitably, the new series pays homage to the previous one, in many ways. With unfeigned nostalgia, How I Met Your Father connects with its glorious elder by establishing direct connections that will touch the hearts of fans of the original series. And more, some faces of How I Met Your Mother will even pass a head in this first season…

How I met Your Father NY

Kim Catrall at your service

The late Bob Saget only lent his voice to future Ted, recounting his youth to Penny and Luke. But in How I Met Your Father, it is Sophie’s son who is conspicuous by his absence. If we hear him comment on what his mother says to him, it is indeed her that we see! The camera is placed on the other side to film Kim Catrall, alias Sophie in her fifties. The former star of Sex and the City is the narrator of this story and she does not remain in the shadows!

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