How Interstellar changed the end of First Contact

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Interstellar Premier Contact
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Christopher Nolan’s film forced the screenwriter to review his copy.

The link between Interstellar and First contact ? Not much a priori. But the screenwriter of Denis Villeneuve’s film, Eric Heisserer, confided in Collider, when it was released on DVD (spring 2017), that he was forced to review the end of the script after the release of Christopher Nolan’s film. We share his words on the occasion of the replay of the film with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, this evening on C8, while the new film of the filmmaker, Dune, a hit at the cinema (he is also preparing his follow-up !).

Before Blade Runner, a hesitant First Contact with SF

Warning, spoilers if you haven’t seen First contact !

I would say the only significant change is the gift left by the heptapods. In the first versions, they left us the blueprints of an interstellar ship, a sort of arch. And then Interstellar by Christopher Nolan came out and we were all like, ‘Well, that doesn’t work anymore’ (laughs). So we focused on what we had right in front of our eyes, that is to say the power of their language (…) The idea has always been that in 3,000 years we will be able to help them, and for to get there we had to start colonizing. We had to start visiting planets other than Earth“.

Since First contact, Denis Villeneuve continued in SF by turning Blade Runner 2049 and Dune.

Denis Villeneuve on the creation of Dune: “I enjoyed, there is no other word!”

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