How is All of Us are Dead different from other Korean zombie series?

All of Us Are Dead

Director Lee Jae-gyu explains what’s different from other zombific K-dramas.

Since its release this weekend on Netflix, the series All of Us are Dead took the lead in the Top 10 France, somewhat to everyone’s surprise. This Korean zombie drama, which is called “Now at Our School” in its original version, tells how a gang of high school students face the Apocalypse at Hyosan High School, surviving their transformed ex-classmates for 7 days!

Adapted from a webtoon that has 130 chapters, All of Us are Dead wants to talk about zombies in a different way, as director Lee Jae-gyu explains at Korean site News 1 : “There are a lot of zombie movies, and most of them are stories that happen to adults. All of Us are Dead is a story that happens to young students, not very mature, not yet part of society and living in a closed space. I found it meaningful to tell this point of view. What doing a zombie series like this would offer a different meaning to the genre (…) Through this story, I wanted people to think about what kind of hope they should have and what that means to be a little more human and adult.”

Korean creators aren’t shy about getting into zombie horror, and director Lee Jae-gyu explains why All of Us are Dead distances itself from the existing K-zombies: “As for the form, the details of the zombie choreography are different, and I’m proud to say that this zombie choreography is better than that of the existing K-zombies.”

In Cine21, he specifies that if we “considers K-Zombies to run particularly fast, reflecting the impatient nature of Koreans, the zombies of All of Us are Dead are somewhat more powerful. The energy specific to adolescents is reflected in the action. If a sports student becomes a zombie, he can show more power and run faster. In movement, we are closer to a dead animal than to a dead human.”.

Suddenly, to increase the trouillometer, the director suggests “crank up the sound 20-30% louder than usual and dim the lights in the room or even your screen a bit…”

All of Us are Dead ends with the open possibility of a sequel. Nothing is known about a possible season 2, except that it’s entirely possible, considering that season 1 doesn’t cover the entire webtoon at all.

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