How Lies (TF1) stands out from Liar, the original English series

Lies (TF1)

Audrey Fleurot and Arnaud Ducret, who are reprising the roles of Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd, tell us what will change in this French remake, which launches tonight.

The original series only has 12 episodes, but it scored. In 2017, TF1 broadcast Liar: the night of lies, starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd. Four years later, the French channel offers itself a remake. Audrey Fleurot and Arnaud Ducret will take up the torch tonight with Lies, for the broadcasting of the first episodes.

A duo with obvious alchemy, as the actor revealed by the series tells us Parents instructions : “With Audrey, we met on the set of Divorce Club. We got along well so it was perfect that we meet in Lies. It’s a psychological thriller but not only …

Arnaud Ducret explains to us having “watched the first season. Even though I loved it, I didn’t take Ioan Gruffudd for my character. No, I brought what I am me. ” Because Lies is more a variation of Liar than a copy-paste remake. Especially in the writing of the heroine of the drama, “a character that Audrey makes stronger. More beating woman”.


This is indeed the big change between the original version and that of TF1. What moreover prompted Audrey Fleurot accepted this remake: “I really like the English series and watch a lot of them. I have been offered several times to do remakes and I always said no. Because every time I found the original really good. And I don’t see the reason to do the same thing again, when the original is really good. It seems a little absurd to me. But it turns out that Liar, I found that it could be improved “, tells us the actress who hit the channel in the spring in HPI.

Liar, both it hooked me, and at the same time it pissed me off. The fact that the female character is very victimized pissed me off. I have the impression that as soon as she arrives on the screen, there is a victim written on her forehead! It was their artistic choice and Johanna Froggart, who we saw in Downton Abbey, is a great actress. But there is a real victimhood bias that bothered me. I wanted her to be stronger than that. A girl that no one believes, sure, but stronger than that. “

Audrey Fleurot therefore gave this French version of Liar another twist. And the actress concludes by analyzing that there is in fact “today remakes all over Europe of Liar. I tell myself that there must be a cultural dimension that must be imprinted on the notion of rape. It is certainly not the same in Latin countries as in Scandinavia, for example. “

Mini-series in 6 episodes, Lies will be broadcast until September 16 on TF1.

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