How Louis de Funès worked to master the famous dance of the Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

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Rabbi Jacob
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The cult comedy will return this Sunday on France 2.

Louis de Funes, black hat, black frock coat and curls, which dances to one of the cult music of Vladimir Cosma. This is the image that remains forever associated with Gérard Oury’s comedy, The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob. So much so that to celebrate the release of the film in 4K at the cinema, during the summer of 2019, 200 people gathered in Paris to participate in a flashmob, reproducing the famous choreography!

200 people gathered to dance like Rabbi Jacob

Dance steps repeated relentlessly by the interpreter of Pivert. In the First Classics from January-March 2019, Vladimir Cosma remembers being surprised by Louis de Funès during rehearsals and filming of the dance scene: “ I rehearsed with him for several weeks at home at the piano. I saw a very serious man, repeating the dance steps with application, without fantasy. I wondered how he could make people laugh. The day I saw him shoot the stage, I couldn’t believe it. Technically master of his steps, he was unleashed and brought, with each take, new gags with incredible spontaneity and fluidity. He blew me away!

During the shooting, Louis de Funès improvises in particular the kicks he gives to Claude Giraud (Slimane). ” From Funès, analyzes Bernard Stora the assistant director for First Classics, learned the steps and movements without making a number. This is why his game, so graceful, remains unforgettable. We filmed after lunch with two cameras. The first take was the right one. Everyone was flabbergasted.

The success was immediate in theaters: the year of its release, in 1973, the comedy was seen by 7,295,811 spectators.

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