How Miss Marvel Was Made Knowing Nothing About Captain Marvel 2

“We had the right not to know anything about the connections with the Captain Marvel sequel… It was top secret,” directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah tell us.

Kamala Khan is the new superheroine of the Marvel universe! She will arrive Wednesday on Disney + in the first episode of the series Miss Marvel. A pure “origin story” to introduce this brand new essential character of the franchise, since she will fight alongside Carol Danvers in captain marvel 2which will be called The Marvels.

The TV show is therefore a form of prelude to the future feature film directed by Nia DaCosta (filming ended last April) and which will be released in July 2023 at the cinema.

However, The Marvels will be largely independent of the series. Those who made Miss Marvel reveal to us that they were not even made aware of the events of the film:

“We had a lot of freedom actually, within the show. Kevin Feige told us to just focus on the show and not on The Marvels. That’s why we had fun, especially visually! Afterwards, at the level of the narration and the story, we had the right not to know anything about the connections with the sequel to Captain Marvel… It was top secret”, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah entrust Première.

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The duo of Belgian filmmakers, who signed Badboys 3 recently, told us amused: “As soon as we asked the question about the film – but also about other films like Spider-Man No Way Home or Doctor Strange 2 – we were told: “You don’t need to know! If there’s a problem at some point, we’ll tell you. But we won’t tell you why…” In short, we were a bit in the dark. We don’t know what will happen to Miss Marvel in The Marvels. If only a great future awaits him…”

The same goes for the creator and screenwriter of the series, Bisha K Ali. All the more so because, “when I started to write Miss Marvelwe did not yet know that she would be in The Marvels. So, I told the studio what I wanted, what I wanted to do in the series. It was up to them to tell me then if I couldn’t do this or that (laughs).

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But Bisha K Ali did not do anything either. She explains that the bosses of the MCU held the compass, behind the scenes: “Kevin Feige and the other producers guided me from a distance. If I told them, for example, that I wanted to install a split personality at Kamala, they would answer me: ‘Yeah… no! Not possible, we’re already doing Moon Knight!’ (laughs) Gradually, they told me what I could or could not do. Afterwards, they didn’t tell me everything (about the rest of the franchise) because the more people there are in the know, the more there is a risk of leaks! So I don’t know what’s going on The Marvels… But they were the ones who were guiding me in the dark. Anyway, I didn’t want to know everything, because at one point, I was told everything that was going to happen in WandaVision and then in Loki and that was a lot of secrets to keep!”

Miss Marvel will launch this Wednesday, June 8 on Disney+.

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