How will Clint and Kate’s relationship evolve in Hawkeye’s sequel?

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“When we see them meet for the first time, it’s Kate facing her idol …”

Director and producer Rhys Thomas wanted to make a series in the purest old fashioned “Buddy Cop Movie” style. Hawkeye thus fits fully into the tone of a Die Hard 3 or even from The lethal Weapon. The thorny relationship between Kate Bishop and Clint Barton brings the necessary spice to raise this fully assumed “action flick”.

A relationship that evolves from episode to episode, as Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld confide to EW : “When he was Ronin, Clint took down bad guys in an unorthodox way. I think Kate represents that past, in a way. But above all, she is an obstacle for Clint’s family Christmas. He doesn’t want to be in work mode, and yet because of her, he has to work! “

What does not help is that the young woman sees Hawkeye as a model. But Clint makes it clear in Episode 3: “I don’t want to be a role model. Absolutely not !”

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Except that Kate saw Hawkeye fight the Chitauri invaders during the Battle of New York and it changed his life: “We know she is a pure fan. She discovered Hawkeye at a time of extreme pain in her life, the day her father died. She sees in him part of what she has lost. She sees him as a human who is as ambitious and perhaps more reckless than she is, someone who wants to help people. That’s what she idolizes “, explains Hailee Steinfeld.

Clint and Kate’s relationship got off to a rocky start, but will obviously blossom by the end of this year. Hawkeye : “It’s a real evolution. When we see them meet for the first time, it’s Kate facing her idol in a situation where she doesn’t know where she’s stepping. She doesn’t even understand the danger. She doesn’t even understand the danger. is just completely horny. Then she quickly becomes someone who wants to be at her level and be an ally of Clint. So it eventually evolves into this partnership … “

Hawkeye will continue until December 22 on Disney Plus.

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