HPI crushes the 2021 ranking of audiences for French TV series

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TF1 won 19 of the 20 best scores of the year and relegated Captain Marleau.

Which series have French viewers voted for this year? Whereas Captain Marleau had gotten into the habit of crushing the competition, the France televisions series must this time give way to n ° 1 to a certain HPI.

HPI: the first info on season 2 to come on TF1 [exclu]

The criminal series led by Audrey Fleurot is largely the leader of this year 2021 series in France: its 8 episodes occupy the first 8 places in the annual ranking, rejoices TF1 in an official press release today.

It must be said that the private channel has something to celebrate: thanks to the mini-series The promise (with Sophia Essaidi) and Replacing (with Joey Starr), TF1 won 19 of the 20 best scores of the year, and alone Captain Marleau manages to place itself in this top 2021, but much lower than usual. Have we just witnessed a handover of power?

2021 ranking of French TV series audiences

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