HPI: will season 3 be the last?


While season 2 ends tonight on TF1, the sequel is already underway. But how long will Audrey Fleurot agree to re-enlist?

Of course, Morgane will be back next year, on TF1. Given the phenomenal audiences of HPIthe series will obviously be renewed and Audrey Fleurot also revealed a short time ago France Info : “There will be a season 3 of HPI. I absolutely don’t know if I have the right to say it, I haven’t been briefed at all but I tell you “…

In the process, the actress explains that she does not want to “let go of the character of Morgane”while issuing a small reservation:

“As for all the series that I have been able to do, I am afraid of doing the season too much. I want to embody it as long as we manage to raise the sliders each time, to renew the form. So that I can have fun. Then, I’m afraid that we’ll get tired of it and that it will become annoying”.

In the aftermath, Audrey Fleurot specified that HPI him “takes a lot of time, but it’s important to do other things on the side. That said, Morgane is such a colorful character, who gives me such freedom, that it’s not easy to find such exciting projects…”

In short, if she is up for season 3 of HPInothing says that the actress will want to stack again and again, year after year, until the concept is exhausted.

Besides, Audrey Fleurot admits in Télé Magazine that she really wants future plots to be more fleshed out and no longer limited to one hour. Season 3 could thus be divided into double episodes, in order to “to carry out an investigation with twice as much time and to give more space to the side effects which make the flavor of this series”.

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