Hunger Games: prequel filming set to start next year

For a release end of 2023-beginning of 2024. Francis Lawrence will be back to the realization to tell the youth of Coriolanus Snow.

Small update on the prequel toHunger Games. Lionsgate Chairman Joe Drake assures Deadline that production of the film should begin by mid-2022, for a release planned for late 2023-early 2024. Drake also specifies that it will be a cinema release, and not on streaming platforms. We already know that the director Francis Lawrence will return behind the camera for this new part ofHunger Games, which will be based on the book The Ballad of the Snake and the Songbirdr by Suzanne Collins. The hero of this adventure is the young Coriolanus Snow, years before he became the president of Panem.

Here is the official synopsis of the book: ” Harvest morning is due to open the tenth annual Hunger Games. At the Capitol, 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow is preparing to become a Games mentor for the first time. The future of House Snow, which has seen better days, now hangs on Coriolanus’ meager chances. He will have to show charm, cunning and inventiveness to win his candidate. But the fate persists. Supreme shame, he was entrusted with the most miserable of tributes: a girl from District Twelve. Their destinies are now linked. Every decision can lead them to success or failure, to triumph or to ruin. In the arena, it will be a fight to the death. To satisfy his ambition, will Coriolanus succeed in suppressing the growing affection he feels for his candidate, condemned in advance?

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