I Am Legend 2: Michael B. Jordan convinced Will Smith to do the sequel

It was the Black Panther actor who pioneered the idea that revived the sequel that had been buried for years.

A decade after Will Smith put an end to rumors of a sequel, i am legend 2 will indeed be done… with Michael B.Jordan ! He is the actor of Black Panther who came up with a concept exciting enough to convince the actor to return.

Will Smith recount : “I’m a legend, it was one of those films that I was ready not to touch again. And then I heard this idea… I immediately thought that it could work. That we could do it!” In this interview given to Entertainment Tonighton the red carpet of the Santa Barbara Film Festival, this year’s Oscar-nominated star did not reveal anything about the still-secret plot, but says “a really, really cool concept. And Michael B.Jordan is clearly at the basis of the creation of the idea”.

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We therefore understand that if this second part materializes, it will be thanks to Michael B.Jordanwho was able to convince Will Smith that there was something interesting to do in a sequel. It remains to be seen what is this brilliant idea that started it all…

Smith and Jordan will produce together while Akiva Goldsman, who co-wrote the original film, will return to pen. i am legend 2. No director has yet been named.

Remember that in 2007, I’m a legend had gleaned $585.4 million worldwide.

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