I am legend 2: Michael B. Jordan joins Will Smith for the sequel

The two stars will be reunited on screen and in production.

Back to the fore with his role in The Williams Methodfor which he was nominated for the Oscar for best actor, Will Smith will once again attempt to break the box office with the sequel to I’m a legend (I Am Legend in OV). To support him, the Hollywood veteran can count on the rising star Michael B.Jordan, with whom he will share the poster and the role of producers. The screenwriter of the first film, Akiva Goldsman, will be back writing, specifies Deadline, which revealed the infoquickly confirmed by the two actors on Instagram:

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen I’m a legend

If you saw the film released in 2007, you are probably wondering how Robert Neville, the character played by Will Smith, will be able to return. Indeed, at the end of the film Neville sacrifices himself by exploding the infected, and himself with it, to save Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan), after having entrusted them with the antidote. Antidote which she takes back to a refugee camp in the final scene.

If Deadline has no information about the plot of i am legend 2this announcement necessarily implies that this sequel will take into account the alternative ending, present on the edition released in 2008 and closer to that of the book.

In this ending, the leader of the infected draws a butterfly shape on the lab window, similar to the tattoo of the infected woman Neville is testing a cure on. The latter realizes that he has come to recover his companion and releases her. The infected is reluctant to kill him, but eventually seems to forgive him and leaves with his gang. Neville realizes that the many experiments he has conducted on the infected have made him a monster in their eyes. The next day, he abandons his search and leaves with Anna and Ethan to search for the colony of survivors.

When it came out, I’m a legend had not conquered the critics and had a modest success at the box office, with 256 million dollars in the United States and 585 million in the world. But the prospect of a sequel carried by two stars of the caliber of Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan (who weigh 12 billion at the box office between them, counted Deadline) is attractive enough for Warner Bros. decides to give it a shot.

No shooting date, let alone release, has been advanced at this stage, and a director has yet to be found. It is Francis Lawrence, who has since made three The Hunger Games and Red Sparrowwho signed the 2007 film…

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