I Feel Good – Benoit Delépine: “When there is no madness, it pisses us off”

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  Benoit Délépine and Gustave Kervern
Nicolas bellet

The comedy with Jean Dujardin arrives on Arte.

The duo of writer-directors KervernDelépine came back in force in 2018 with I feel good, a UFO film, anar and poetic as only our two favorite Grolandais know how to make them.

Particularity of this project: they went to look for Jean Dujardin to embody a good-for-nothing who has only one obsession, to find the idea that will make him rich within an Emmaus community. Either the very incarnation of the Sunday evening cinoche. An explosive mixture in which lies largely (but not only) the strength of the film.

We had met Benoit Delépine and Gustave Kervern to tell us about it, and we invite you to (re) see this interview on the occasion of the first unencrypted broadcast ofI feel good, tonight on Arte. Note thatit is already available on the channel’s website and is part of our selection of “unclassifiable films” to discover in this month of October.

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