“I was very moved by Albert”: Dupontel seen by Sandrine Kiberlain

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Wild Bunch

The actress is excellent in 9 Mois farm, tonight on France 3.

She shares with him the poster of 9 months firm. Albert Dupontl seen by its main actress, Sandrine Kiberlain.

9 months firm, it’s brutal [critique]

My meeting with Albert
“It was done a bit accidentally. Albert wanted a little brunette for the role of the judge in 9 months firm… Two, three people he listens to, including the producer, whispered my name to him. offered to do some tests, which I never refuse because it’s a way like any other to meet people, to gauge them.”

“Albert is an animal”: Dupontel seen by Jean Dujardin

My work with Albert
“On a shoot of Albert, you have to be constantly available. He demands listening but also demonstrates it. I had rarely been so solicited and stimulated on a set! It is, I think, the shoot that went by the fastest of my entire career. Albert needs actors who take action. No talk. His very personal way of filming gives meaning to what he says: that’s how he grabs the emotion. I remember one shot where I pretend to be walking on a skateboard to give a sense of weightlessness and weirdness that suits the mood of the character at that moment.”

My opinion on Albert
“I was very moved by him. He is a whole person, who does not seek to please and who assumes his choices. He protects his actors a lot even if he is demanding. It seems that he was more relaxed this time. It surprised everyone that he let himself laugh from time to time…”

With Goodbye up there, Albert Dupontel finally holds his big film

Interview by Christophe Narbonne

Sandrine Kiberlain: “I need an audience to play comedy”

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