I would like someone to wait for me somewhere: What is the adaptation of Anna Galvalda’s collection worth [critique]

Arnaud Viard (Clara and I) adapts it with Jean-Paul Rouve, Alice Taglioni, Aurore Clément …

At the beginning of 2020 was released in the cinema I would like someone to wait for me somewhere. This French comedy drama will be broadcast for the first time in clear, on France 2, this Sunday. Is it worth a look? Here is our review.

Arnaud Viard (Clara and I) pecked into Anna Gavalda’s collection of short stories of the same name to make a feature film bringing together several of the protagonists imagined by the novelist. In the film, it is about a sibling gathered around the mother (Aurore Clément). There is Jean-Pierre (Jean-Paul Rouve), the eldest, who keeps everyone at arm’s length, Juliette (Alice Taglioni), pregnant at 40, who dreams of herself as a novelist, Mathieu (Benjamin Lavernhe) , the shy one incapable of declaring himself and Margaux (Camille Rowe), the radical but penniless photographer. A French specialty, the family film no longer surprises the assiduous spectator who will easily guess the seams of it and who will be interested above all in the performances of the actors. Each of them brings its color with subtlety.

Trailer :

Together, that’s all: the film that lives up to its name

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