Ice Age 2: Blue Sky’s Unstoppable Comic Equation [critique]

The animated film returns tonight on W9.

Channel 9 continues its cycle The Ice Age. After the first episode released in 2002 last week, place at 9 p.m. at n°2, which had conquered the editorial staff of First when it was released in 2005. In particular thanks to its hilarious secondary characters: the mammoth Ellie and the opossums Crash and Eddie.

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The first part had not completely conquered the editorial staff: There are wonderful moments in The Ice Age, but you’ve probably already seen them: this half-rat, half-squirrel animal running after its acorn, or the hilarious scene of the dodos. Between these moments of bravery, not much except three animals roaming the ice floe exchanging small talk. The film is based on hackneyed processes and characters such as this mammoth, fake tough with a heart of gold, or the hysterical sloth… A cruel lack of imagination which only establishes Pixar’s supremacy in animation in 3D. So we think of something else. And we realize that, more than an endless ode to tolerance, The Ice Age is above all a film about self-acceptance. Like Diego, this very mean tiger who will discover that he is a shameful carnivore. Yes, Diego is a vegetarian and his coming out will save his friends. Add a crack-addict rodent and a pre-punk sloth, and it’s almost beyond family entertainment. Almost.

Was this sequel making up for it? without being perfect, ice age 2of Carlos Saldanhapleased more First : “This is a new migration story with our heroes fleeing the melting ice this time. Add a female dingo mammoth, restless opossums and the notorious stubborn squirrel and you have the unstoppable comic equation. On the other hand, for the green subtext, you will have to go back.”

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