Ice Age: Laws of the Universe, it’s time to move on

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Ice Age 5: Laws of the Universe
20th Century Fox

Our opinion on the fifth Ice Age, back this evening, on TF1.

Ice Age 5 returns this Sunday on the first channel. Here is our review, originally published when it was released in theaters in July 2016. Disney has since acquired 20th Century Fox, which owned the animation studio Blue Sky, and closed the latter. The next film in the saga, entitled The Adventures of Buck Wild, has finished being manufactured within the firm with the big ears and will be released directly on Disney Plus.

Scrat discovers a flying saucer, flies into space, and routs a meteorite that hits Earth. The end of the Ice Age world is approaching, Sloth Sid is looking for love, and Manny the Mammoth prepares to part ways with his soon-to-be married daughter. We move on: this is the message that the Blue Sky studio wants to send us with Ice Age: Laws of the Universe wanting to throw a big meteorite right into their iconic franchise. Destroy it all, erase it all, try to start over like it did Toy story 3, for example. The opportunity like any good disaster film to shake up the relationship between the characters. Except no, actually. The first ice Age was released fourteen years ago and the franchise is seriously accusing its age. The narrative strings are really too big, for example when Manny is playing ice hockey with his stepson in an attempt to make friends with him.

Scrat in space, it’s not much of a surprise

An endangered saga

Fortunately there is Scrat. The cartoony scenes with the rodent in space are always delightful: the planets become billiard balls or pinball bumpers, the cruel game with gravity in the ship that turns the hazelnut into mortal danger. There, the animators of Blue Sky have fun and bend the animation to the least of their fantasies. The problem is on solid ground, where the film fails to make people laugh or move so much the stakes of the characters are caricatured and predictable. We wake up during the passage in the last act to Geotopia, parody of a hippie utopia led by a mystical and immortal lama shooting himself at magic crystals. But this good (visually and narratively speaking) idea of ​​setting is too brief and too late to be able to say anything. Nothing will ultimately upset the specifications of a series on the verge of extinction. If you are wondering if Manny is going to accept the departure of his daughter with his stepson or if the meteorite will hit Earth, you are in an age group young enough to be entertained by the fifth. ice Age. For others, it’s time to move on.

Trailer of Ice Age: Laws of the Universe :

The Ice Age: How Scrat Became Indispensable To The Saga

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