Ice Cube is giving up a $ 9 million role because he doesn’t want to get the shot!

Ice cube

The 21 Jump Street actor left the production of the comedy Oh Hell No.

The rapper and actor Ice cube has just turned his back on his next project, comedy Oh Hell No. He left production after refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Filming for the film should have started this winter in Hawaii, with Jack Black headlining and Ice cube in sidekick at the casting. The feature film is directed by Kitao Sakurai, who previously had great success with comedy Bad Trip on Netflix.

According to THR, the producers of Oh Hell No asked that all project stakeholders be vaccinated, which led to Ice Cub to leave, making a cross on a salary and incentives that could have climbed up to $ 9 million! A decision all the more surprising as Ice cube was a prominent figure in the fight against COVID in America, urging his fellow citizens to wear a mask and keep their distance, throughout the pandemic, even going so far as to sell goods with masks, the profits of which were donated to caregivers …

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