If Harry Potter is rebooted, Daniel Radcliffe would like to play Sirius Black or Remus Lupine

The actor had already shared an idea for a series on the Marauders.

In 2019, when the American press questioned Daniel radcliffe about a potential reboot or a sequel to Harry potter, the main actor of the saga replied: “Instead of a reboot of Harry potter, I think there are other stories from this world that could be adapted for television! A series on the previous generation, that of the Marauders, that would be very cool for example! “

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While the saga that made him a star celebrated his 20th birthday this year, the actor was invited to participate in the podcast Happy Sad Confused, where he brought up the issue again … and added that he would love to play one of the Marauders himself: Sirius Black (played in the movies by Gary Oldman) or Remus Lupine (David Thewlis in the movies) . “I would probably choose Sirius or Lupine, Radcliffe answers, because those are the two characters that I’ve always been like, ‘How cool are they!’ Well, I am also biased by my experience on these films, by the fact of having played with their interpreters. These scenes are some of my best memories. “

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