I’ll go where you go: Anything that twists [Critique]

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I'll go wherever you will go
March Movies

Géraldine Nakache’s first solo production in which her duet with Leïla Bekhti still works just as well.

Released in October 2019 at the cinema, I’ll go wherever you will go will be broadcast this evening on France 2. This comedy, which borrows its title from the tube of Celine Dion and Jean-Jacques Goldman, is it worth the detour? Unfortunately, the writing of First Disappointed…Here is our review.

For his first solo film after two co-productions with opposite destinies (Everything that shines and We York), Géraldine Nakache stays on a familiar ground and yet strewn with pitfalls: the dramatic comedy, between laughter and tears, where everything is a question of dosage. But she has the mojo to avoid the pitfalls of pathos or too much restraint that would prevent the essential empathy with her characters. She never knows how to be afraid of emotions, whatever they are, and has faith that they will hit home because they are driven by the sincerity of her characters. In this case, here, two sisters that everything opposes (Vali, singer, dreamy and emotional, and Mina, therapist, distant and rational), who have nothing in common but a loving father (Patrick Timsit, perfect), trying to bring them together. The vagaries of life will offer him this window of opportunity: having to fight against a serious illness, he cannot take Vali to his audition to become Celine Dion’s chorister. He asks Mina to do it by explaining the reason to her but asking her to keep it quiet from her sister. I’ll go wherever you will go tells this confrontation between two strong temperaments where the externalization of unsaid will be the opportunity to finally manage to say “I love you”. Géraldine Nakache achieves this with an always well-felt self-mockery and a humor that is never mocking. And despite a last straight line that is a little too lachrymal, the essential is elsewhere: in the ability to make a beautiful popular film that is endearing but never cutesy, spicy but never cynical, like the facetious duo that she forms with her ” sister” Leïla Bekhti.

Leïla Bekhti and Géraldine Nakache: their friendship is not cinema!

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