In a Beat, Elite, Who Killed Sara: Spanish-speaking series ignite Netflix

in a beat

“Pálpito is currently the most watched Netflix series in the world”, rejoices its creator. New proof that Spanish-language series are popular on the platform.

No, these are not the Bridgerton which dominate Netflix in the spring of 2022. The English romantic and historical drama quickly had to give up its throne to Spanish-speaking productions. After season 5 d‘Eliteexpected cardboard, it is in a beat which today occupies the first place of the Top Netflix in France. And not only! According to its Venezuelan creator, Leonardo Padrón, Palpito (from its original title) became the platform’s most-watched series in the world today on Monday. “It’s official! Pálpito is currently the most watched Netflix series in the world. Joy and gratitude” he wrote in a tweet, before his main actor, Michel Brown, does not resume on Instagram : “We wake up today with this great news, I applaud everyone who has done an impeccable job on this series which today becomes the number 1 series in the world on Netflix!”

The improbable love story of Simón and Camila had however not benefited from a huge promotional campaign. It does not present any known actor on the bill. But his little assumed soap side has won over Netflix subscribers in France and around the world, as has often been the case in recent years.

The pioneer: The Ladies of the Telephone

Since its international launch, the American giant has chosen to develop original programs in Hispanic, the fourth most spoken language in the world and in particular in a large part of the South American continent. In April 2017, landed The Ladies of the Telephone first Netflix original series produced in Spain, which will last 5 seasons.

The most successful: Money Heist

In the process, Netflix launches its thriller which will break everything: Money Heist will become a worldwide phenomenon, until its conclusion in December 2021. With its breathtaking 48 episodes, it has established itself as one of the streamer’s most iconic series, paving the way for others.

The strongest: Elite

At the end of 2018, when Netflix decided to make its gossip girl, it’s in the form of a Spanish teen drama. The students of Las Encinas immediately won over subscribers and do not seem ready to move into adulthood yet. Four years later, after a season 5 which was also a hit, season 6 is already looming on the horizon of 2023.

The hottest: Valeria

During the first confinement, Netflix introduces the world to a certain Valeriaa series of women in the vein of a Sex and the City, who totally assumes her little erotic side. After a season 2 released in May 2021, a third season has been commissioned by the network to complete its sentimental adventures.

The most spectacular: Who killed Sara?

Nobody saw it coming and yet, like in a beatthis mystery thriller from Mexico blew up the counters on the platform. Who killed Sarah? occupied the top spot in the United States for several weeks before claiming the title of the most popular series in the history of the platform, in a non-English language. 55 million households viewed Season 1, in its first 28 days. Note that Who Killed Sara? will find its resolution next May, at the end of season 3.

The shortest: Innocent, someone must die, The Disappearance of Soledad

Other Spanish-language series have had big international hits on Netflix, albeit short-lived. This was the case ofInnocentan Iberian adaptation of a novel by Harlan Coben, but also the Mexican-Spanish soapsomeone must die in October 2020. Buzz without a future – no more than one or two weeks at the top of the Top – but which are proof of the recurring force of attraction of Spanish-speaking productions in the platform’s catalog.

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