“In Parallèles, it’s really the human being that highlights science fiction”


Surrounding the four teenagers at the center of this great fantastic adventure, Naidra Ayadi (Polisse) and Guillaume Labbé (I promise you) explain to us why the new French series from Disney + is more than a delirium of science fiction.

PREMIERE: How did you perceive the script of Parallels, when did you read it for the first time? Got lost in these intersecting worlds?

WILLIAM LABBE : What made me tilt, more than the fantastic, is that the series evokes issues that speak to everyone, without ever being heavy. It is based on a writing that leaves free. Free to think what you want. Even if I admit I struggled to follow everything with these parallel worlds…
NAIDRA AYADI: Me, it’s more on the set that I struggled! Because playing was not easy. We found ourselves doing scenes that are the same, but not quite, since they come from different worlds, and therefore with the same characters who are not at all in the same place. In short, a headache and I had to constantly redo a point, before each scene. I needed a little briefing with the script, to settle in and understand how to play such a sequence…

With Parallèles, Disney + transports Series mania into a fantastic universe (review)

How? ‘Or’ What Parallels stands out from other series of the same genre?

GUILLAUME LABBE: Beyond the slightly tortuous science fiction plots, Parallels don’t try so hard to make you lose track of things. The storytelling is much simpler. Clear. The questions are on a human scale, very affordable. We are even sometimes in philosophical reflections and often in complex human relationships, between generations, in friendship. It is the human that highlights science fiction in Parallels.
NAIDRA AYADI: We understand that sometimes, through clumsiness or misunderstanding, certain relationships can become toxic. And we show that things can evolve differently if we have a second chance…

There is a small spark between your two characters. How did you create this chemistry between you?

NAIDRA AYADI: From the first camera tests, something clicked between Guillaume and me. We didn’t have to make any effort. It was super smooth. Our working relationship developed between the scenes.
GUILLAUME LABBE: It even became complicated to get us on tour because we were always in the middle of a discussion (laughs). They had to cut us off to bring us to the set, because we were about to start filming… Between our two characters, there’s something obvious. No matter the worlds, he is gripped by her. He doesn’t understand what is happening to him. It’s strange.

And with the children? How did you work with these four teenagers at the center of the plot?

GUILLAUME LABBE: It was very natural as a working relationship. When you do creative work, it smooths out everything in relationships. It’s like playing football with a younger partner. If it’s good, it’s good. You give him the pass and you don’t think about age at all.

Parallèles will launch next Wednesday, March 23 on Disney+.

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