“In Rio no longer responds, the world has changed radically, but not OSS!”

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OSS 117 continued

The Cairo spy suite will be rebroadcast this evening on M6.

Last Monday, the sixth channel offered the first part ofOSS 117: Cairo, nest of spies, by Michel Hazanavicius, just before the cinema release of n ° 3 (Nicolas Bedos takes up the torch). Tonight it’s the turn of Rio no longer responds to be in the spotlight on the channel. But what is this sequel from the same director worth?

The best OSS 117 replicas

Our review: “The change of epoch is the film’s first good idea. In a decade, the world has changed radically, but not OSS! Like in daddy’s time, he considers that everyone must stay in their place: the French in France, the homos between them – a sequence immediately ass (te) will push OSS to review its fundamentals on this issue … -, housewives. Suddenly, the association between this spy old France and a Jewish counterpart, symbol parity, is going to be explosive. This is the second very good idea of ​​the film. To condescending reflections on the inferiority of the weaker sex are added anti-Semitic reflections so enormous that they trigger hilarity at the same time that diffuse embarrassment. Isn’t it characteristic of great comedies to integrate a subtext that itches? In this, OSS 117 – Rio no longer responds is closer to the Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, Gérard’s classic Oury To Louis de Funès ‘famous line:’ What, Solomon, are you a Jew? ‘ answer some repetitions as insane as: ‘Why not hope, one day, for a reconciliation between Jews and Nazis?’ “

Jean Dujardin: “The character of OSS is made to be declined”

Trailer :

OSS 117: Soon a fourth film?

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