In the Air: Clooney plays his age, his vulnerability, his melancholy [critique]

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George Clooney In The Air

Chérie 25 repeats this lovely film by Jason Reitman (Ghostbusters: the legacy).

Released in early 2010 at the cinema, In The Air had pleased First, who advised this realization of Jason reitman (Juno, Ghostbusters: the legacy). George clooney stepped out of his usual seductive roles to play a certain Ryan Bingham, a man fleeing private commitments (no marriage, no property, no family) whose job is to fire the employees of company bosses who do appeal to him so as not to have to get his hands dirty. A not so nice guy, therefore, who flies over the United States in a plane collecting miles, and who will one day open his eyes when he meets a woman for whom he might finally be ready to commit.

A role that suited the actor at the time, considered a “eternal bachelor in Hollywood”, but that takes on another meaning today that he is married with two children … Here is our review ofIn the Air, to see again this evening on Chérie 25. Note that the channel will then continue with another film by the actor, Intolerable cruelty, of the Coen brothers.

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Thank You For Smoking and Juno had established Jason Reitman, 32, as an extremely clever pop satirist who very quickly understood how to address the era (and the Academy of Oscars). His third feature set him apart for what he really is: an heir to the great classic American storytellers, who has just signed the first film on the United States from here and now. The choice of George Clooney to play this loving man in hotel corridors, shunning engagement in all its forms, was an absolute no-brainer. In The Air hands the eternal bachelor a mirror that he never shies away from, taking all his cabin luggage. Clooney plays on his age, his vulnerability, his melancholy. It is, quite simply, one of the first times he dares to put Hollywood charm aside to embody a human being. Depending on the experience you take into the room, In The Air could be that rare film that makes your life scroll before your eyes. If we were a fan of euphemisms, we would tell you that the trip has pace.

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