In the heat of the night / Guess who’s coming to dinner? : TV pays tribute to Sidney Poitier, tonight

In the heat of the night / Guess who's coming to dinner?
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The American actor died Thursday at the age of 94.

A few hours after director Peter Bogdanovich, moviegoers mourned another figure in Hollywood cinema: Sidney Poitier. The first black actor to receive an Oscar died at the age of 94, after having shot some fifty films, including some great classics of American cinema: The lily of the fields, for which he justly received the statuette for best actor, in 1964, Guess who’s coming to dinner? and In the heat of the Night (both released in 1967). The last two are scheduled this evening on television, France 5 and Arte upsetting their broadcasts scheduled for Monday to offer the public these two major works of his prolific career.

Death of Sidney Poitier, the first black actor crowned at the Oscars

In the heat of the Night will be broadcast on France 5 at 9 p.m.

In a small town in Mississippi, a crime has just been committed. The deputy sheriff arrests a stranger sitting in the hall of the station. He is directly accused of the murder: he is black and has a lot of money on him. After verifying his identity, it turns out that this man is Virgil Tibbs, a policeman, a member of the Philadelphia Criminal Squad. He was then released without a word of apology.
His superior then orders him to stay in Sparta and work with Sheriff Gillepsie to find the murderer in question. Tibbs is hostile to the idea because he knows the townspeople are suspicious of him. But he accepts and begins his investigation.

At a time when segregation has only just been abolished, In the heat of the Night, by Norman Jewison, finds the courage to tackle a hot topic: anti-black racism. Sidney Poitier plays an African-American policeman stuck in the fishy town of Sparta, to investigate a murder with a white colleague played by Rob Steiger (Al Capone, On the docks, The longest day). Moist atmosphere and permanent tension are present in this thriller sweating hatred and prejudices. It won 5 Oscars in 1967, including Best Picture and has since been selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in the prestigious National Film Registry. It is also about one of Spike Lee’s sources of inspiration for his BlackKklansman, released in theaters in 2018.

Special section will be reprogrammed later.

Ten heatwave films

Guess who’s coming to dinner? of Stanley kramer will be broadcast on Arte at 8:50 p.m.

In the 1960s, in San Francisco, 23-year-old Joey returns home unexpectedly to his parents, Matt and Christina Drayton, to introduce them to John, the young black doctor she has just met in Hawaii and whom she has met in Hawaii. intends to marry. They are initially shocked. But the young people seem so enamored with each other that they manage to convince Joey’s mother. However, the arrival of John’s parents, who know nothing about Joey, escalates the situation. Also taken aback by this unexpected marriage project, the two fathers discuss while the mothers, with the complicity of Monsignor Ryan, friend of the family, are moved by the feeling that unites their children.

In 1967 Stanley kramer fate of the success of The madman’s nave (with notably Simone Signoret) and manages to reunite for the seventh time on the screen Spencer tracy and Katharine Hepburn, whose couple on and off the screens have entered Hollywood legend. Guess who’s coming to dinner? remains their most famous joint film, but also their last. Seriously ill on set, Spencer tracy dies seventeen days after the end of filming and will therefore not attend the release of the film. He would clinch the BAFTA and be nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor posthumously, one of ten nominations for the film, which will see Hepburn win the second of his four Oscars for Best Actress, thirty-four years after the first. As for Sidney Poitier, who plays the fiancé in the heart of the film, he also married in real life a white woman, the actress Joanna Shimkus, in 1976. They remained together until his death on Thursday January 6th. 2021.

Pot-Bouille, initially scheduled for 8:50 p.m., will finally air at 10:30 p.m.

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