In the shadow of the Magnolias: first revelations about season 3

In the shade of Magnolias

The Netflix series is not yet renewed but the sequel is already being discussed…

While Season 2 has been online for just a few days, In the shade of Magnolias is already capsizing subscribers. The romantic drama will most certainly be back for a season 3. Even if Netflix has not yet made an official announcement, showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson is planning. Spoiler alert!

She mentions in particular the big cliffhanger of season 2, namely Ryan’s marriage proposal to Helen: “What Ryan has is the weight of history.”, comments Anderson in TVLinediscussing what could happen in a season 3. “Erik, for him, is rather the promise of a new path. It was our intention to make her land at this crossroads. Helen will have to face these two roads which diverge. Weighing the pros and cons of these two very different relationships and trying to decide in a moment of shock and surprise which one means more to her. That’s the core reason we want a season 3, to answer that question…”

It should be noted that actress Heather Headley does not know what answer Helen will give to Ryan, but she wants everyone to know that she is “Team Helen” first and foremost. She explains : “It’s scary…I really don’t know where Heather’s heart is. Sometimes I think it’s Ryan, because there’s this massive aspect of an old relationship. They have loved each other since they were young. Every time they left each other, they came right back. These people know each other inside out. She didn’t break up with him because she didn’t love him. She did it because she wanted to have children and he didn’t. They are hopelessly in love with each other, and they have this whole history. And then there’s this new relationship with Erik, and he can be such a good man…I’m sure he’s ready to be a father…I can see it going both ways…”

When it comes to Dana Sue, the showrunner reveals that the person who stalks her “has a common past with the girls on the show and other people in town…She was away for a while, but she came back with an idea in her head. She came home to settle a few accounts. So should we be worried about Dana? “I immediately went to see the production to find out who this person is”recalls Brooke Elliott in TVline. “I was alarmed and excited. I hope we get a third season and we can find out who she is. I’m as curious as everyone.”

In the meantime, Dana Sue has reunited with Ronnie in the finale…for good? “Is it going to be okay? She’s not just getting back together with her ex-husband, she’s putting her broken family back together… So we really have three people involved in this dance, so it’s very complicated.” comments the showrunner.

Finally, will Maddie be a candidate for mayor in season 3 of In the shade of Magnolias ? “I wouldn’t put anything above Sheryl, but I feel like Maddie has a lot on her plate, so I don’t know…I wouldn’t be surprised if there were conversations about it!”

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