Infiniti: why there will be no season 2 on Canal +

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The cosmic thriller ends tonight on the encrypted channel.

After six indefinable episodes, between mystical thriller and SF thriller, Infiniti will find its conclusion this evening on Canal +. But don’t wait for a season 2. Julien Vanlerenberghe and Stéphane Pannetier, the two creators, confirm that the series ends there: “It was the deal with Canal +, which wanted a mini-series. We nevertheless tried, several times, at the beginning of the discussions, to fit in a season 2… but Canal + wanted a mini-series, with a beginning, a middle and an end, to meet an expectation of the public..”

What is Infiniti, Canal +’s unfathomable space thriller worth? (critical)

Infiniti was therefore conceived and shot as a limited series without a sequel. “Even if we leave things open, free to interpretation, Infiniti looks a lot like a great movie, so”.

The two screenwriters would have liked to bounce back on the concept, “by making a collection, à la True Detective. But this is not topical. There will be no sequel Infiniti and that’s fine the way it is.”

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