Interview with Bud Spencer in French: “If I play the bad guy, the audience is over!”


Terence Hill and Bud Spencer are featured tonight on NRJ12.

On the occasion of the rebroadcast ofWe call her Trinita, then Now we call it Plata, from 9 p.m. on NRJ12, we republish this interview of the duo archived by the INA.

Article from June 28, 2016: Bud Spencer died last night, at the age of 86. “He didn’t suffer, his son said. He had us all around him and his last word was ‘Thank you’ “. Ina pays tribute to him by rebroadcasting an interview with the actor in the company of his accomplice Terence hill. In December 1994, the duo reunited for the last time on the comedy Little daddy fight, eight years later Miami Super-cops, and to the delight of presenter Bruno Masure, who apologizes for not having an Italian translator, the two actors answer his questions in English and French.

Bud spencer first talk about “most important reunion of (his) cinematographic life”, explaining that they thought they would work together more regularly, but that by living so far apart (Hill in the US and Spencer in Italy), this dream was difficult to achieve. When Bruno Masure asks them why they “always play the good guys, never the bad guys”, It is once again Bud who answers, in the language of Molière, and who takes the opportunity to pay tribute to his partner: “Him, he was born an actor. Me, I came to the cinema very late, as you know, and I started to make a character with a very precise character and the public, I say it a lot of times, loves me. because I’m a little bit of an idiot in my films. “

The duo’s action comedies were indeed very popular (Two super-cops and We keep calling her Trinita for example crossed the 3 million admissions in France), and they still make the happiness of the televiewers with each rebroadcast today.

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