Into the wild resembles its author: both annoying and seductive [critique]

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Into the Wild

On this Saturday evening, Emile Hirsch escapes into nature under the direction of Sean Penn.

While waiting to find him as an actor in The Impasse, this Sunday on Arte, Sean Penn returns tonight as a director, M6 rebroadcasting into the wild. We no longer present this feature film based on the eponymous novel by John Krakauer. Into The Wild follows a student who dumps everything on a whim and sets off on the American roads in search of Adventure with a capital A. The opportunity for the actor-director to film magnificent landscapes, but also to take a look criticism of our society.

What did you think First in 2008 ? “With its mixture of paradoxes and contradictions, Into the Wild resembles, without a shadow of a doubt, its author: both enervating and seductive, exclusive and generous, harsh and tender. (…) The director follows his wanderings and delivers an elegiac road-movie, enriched by the photo of the Frenchman Eric Gautier and by an adequate soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.Despite his excesses (the exasperating intransigence of the fanatics), the commitment of McCandless forces the sympathy, if not envy. It offers a lucid and contemporary response to the universal fantasy of a return to nature. Any city dweller who has read Jack London will confirm this.”

Into The Wild’s Magic Bus has left the Alaskan forest

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