Investigation into Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting points to early errors

Alec baldwin

The gun had not been properly checked. It was the job of the film’s first assistant director and gunsmith.

How could a revolver that should have been a filming prop get loaded with live ammunition and used right in the middle of a production crew? The circumstances which led to the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins are becoming clearer.

The investigation progresses and seems to point the finger at the first assistant director of Rust, the one who was in charge of checking the weapon, prepared by the gunsmith, before making it available toAlec baldwin.

During his hearing before the local authorities, the technician would also have recognized a breach: “During his interrogation, when asked about the safety protocol on the set regarding firearms, David Halls said: “I check the barrel for obstructions, most of the time there are no bullets. Hannah Gutierrez Reed – the armourer of the film – opens the magazine and spins the barrel and I announce ‘cold gun’ to the rest of the board. “Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office Reveals in Official Document cited by Deadline. “David indicated that when Hannah showed him the gun before continuing the rehearsal, he only remembered seeing three rounds. He said he should have checked them all, but didn’t, and couldn’t remember if she had the barrel spinning.. “

Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust: the “last photo” before the drama

During her own interrogation Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was responsible for all gun safety on Rust, insisted “that no real ammunition had ever been kept on the set “. She also told police that she had “checked the sockets“and made sure they weren’t cartridges”hot“in the weapon. She also ensures that the three firearms used for the scene that afternoon had been locked in the props truck, during the lunch break of the technical team.

At this time, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office is not ruling out any further liability. But the head of the office, Adan Mendoza, was speaking at a press conference on Wednesday. “a bit of a lax on this set. I think there are issues that the movie industry and maybe the state of New Mexico need to be looking at.”

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