Iron Man 3, a sequel to hell [critique]

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Iron Man 3

Shane Black’s blockbuster with Robert Downey Jr. returns tonight on W9.

It’s no secret. The first Iron Manin 2008, was the film of a performance, of the resurrection of an actor predestined to play the role – Robert Downey Jr. -, whose panache and the manifest pleasure of being there carried away everything in their path, including the faults of a somewhat loose staging and a scenario unfolding theorigin story of his hero, carefully avoiding revolutionizing anything. Two years later, Iron Man 2 also cut down the sympathy capital of the franchise by committing a rookie mistake: compensating for the absence of a script (in the literal sense, since it was not finished when filming began) with an orgy of special effects. A real fair whose highlight will remain this scene where the villain embodied by mickey rourke confides in his parrot…The good news is thatIron Man 3 couldn’t do worse. Except that in the meantime, Joss Whedon hit a home run history with avengers and raised the bar to a relatively dizzying level. The intelligence of this third part of the adventures of Tony Stark is precisely not to try to compete with the mega film of Whedon and to reverse the one-upmanship. More heroes, and less super: the real subject ofIron Man 3, he is the man who breathes under the armor, what remains of Stark once his alter ego is removed. A quest for identity that extends to all the characters – Rhodey (Don Cheadle) who struggles with his standard condition; Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), the insignificant ex-geek who plots his revenge on the world; Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and its pretenses…

Iron Man 3: Shane Black still takes on the Mandarin twist

The surprise is that Downey therefore spends a large majority of the footage without donning the Iron Man costume. But it is above all to what extent this potential handicap (after all, the film is called Iron Mannot Tony Stark) becomes a major asset which makes it possible to lead the saga in an unexpected direction – one is never very far from the spy thriller – while reinvigorating its hero. Robert Downey Jr. had not been so well served since kiss kiss bang bang and unleashes the cult lines overflowing the scenario with a dexterity that we thought was lost. Because if Iron Man 3 is indeed Tony Stark’s film, it is also (especially?) that of Shane Black, which pulls off an absolutely miraculous sleight of hand: honoring the codes of an established franchise and simultaneously reinventing it as a huge playground for its own obsessions. Christmas as a backdrop, the desperate but touching reverse side of Hollywood decorum, the buddy movie dynamic… It’s all there, without ever interfering with the blockbuster intentions of a 200 million dollar juggernaut, but giving it what the most the world’s big budget can’t buy: a soul.
Mathieu Carratier

Shane Black will reunite with Robert Downey Jr. for Parker

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